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    Cypress Hill Straight Edge a commenté sur Prophets Of Rage
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    Sam 16 Sep 2017

    POWERFLO un groupe est composé de Billy Graziadei de BIOHAZARD et Christian Olde Wolbers l’ancien bassiste/guitariste de FEAR FACTORY aux côtés de Sen Dog de CYPRESS HILL, de Rogelio Lozano de DOWNSET et du batteur Fernando Schaefer.

    01. My M.O.
    02. Resistance
    03. Where I Stay
    04. Crushing That
    05. ...

    Rittz Straight Edge a commenté sur Rittz- Last Call (Cover)
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    Mer 23 Aou 2017

    1.)  “Middle of Nowhere” (prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)
    2.)  “Press Rewind” (prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)
    3.)  “Indestructible” (prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)
    5.)  “Down For Mine” (prod. Miguel “M. Stacks” Brown, Jr.)
    5)  “Shootin Star” (prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)
    6)  “Dork Rap” (prod. Peso ...

    Jeu 27 Jul 2017

    Last Call is set to be released on September 29th. Once more information is revealed, we will let you know.

    Stevie Stone Straight Edge a posté Stevie Stone- Level Up (Cover)
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    Lun 10 Avr 2017

    Stevie Stone - Level Up CD - Presale Ship Date 05/26/2017

    Tech N9ne Straight Edge a commenté sur Tech N9ne- Collabos Strangenetics
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    Jeu 06 Avr 2017

    mp3 320Kbps

    Straight Edge a commenté sur Hopsin - New album (2016)
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    Ven 24 Mar 2017

    The album is set to released before July in 2017

    Iron Sy Straight Edge a commenté sur Dj Weedim & Iron Sy- Amadou Malick Chapitre 1 (Cover + Tracklist)
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    Mar 07 Mar 2017

    01.Je Rends Pas Le Chrome
     02.J'ai Fait Mon Trou Sans Percer
    03.Vida Local
    05.Gros Picsou D'afrique
    06.Dur Labeur

    Mp3 320 kbps

    Sam 04 Mar 2017

    Twiztid Straight Edge a commenté sur R.O.C.- Digital Voodoo (September, 2013)
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    Sam 04 Mar 2017

    14 Avril 2017
    (Label Majik Ninja Entertainment)

    1. Digital Voodoo
    2. Let Me Out ft. G-Mo Skee
    3. Tear It Up ft. Blaze & Boondox
    4. The Chalmer
    5. Dr. No ft. Jason Cortez
    6. Hecklers ft. Kuniva of D12 & Trick Trick
    7. Clouds Black Out The Sun
    8. Still Running ft. Sam Kay
    9. Disgusted ft. Twiztid
    10. Sleeper...

    Tech N9ne Straight Edge a commenté sur Tech N9ne- Collabos Strangenetics
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    Jeu 23 Fev 2017

    01. Intro (Skit)
    02. Drama (feat. Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko)
    03. Casket Music (feat. Ces Cru, Tech N9ne & Wrekonize)
    04. Put Em On (feat. Darrein Safron, Tech N9ne & Stevie Stone)
    05. Wheels Like Hill (feat. Tech N9ne)
    06. Nevermind Me (feat. Stevie Stone, Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko & Mackenzie Nicole)

    Wrekonize Straight Edge a posté Wrekonize- Into the Further
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    Jeu 19 Jan 2017

    Wrekonize announces Into The Further, a new album due on May 5th 2017.

    Murs Straight Edge a posté MURS- Captain California 2017
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    Jeu 19 Jan 2017

    Ever since he broke the world record for longest rap, MURS has had us excited for his new material. Good news for us, MURS confirmed in a recent Instagram post that his new album, Captain California, is on its way and is scheduled for release in early to mid 2017.

    In addition, we now have a sample...

    Straight Edge a commenté sur Comment télécharger un album sur Internet
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    Mer 11 Jan 2017

    Ashanti - Braveheart (Deluxe Edition)

    Onyx Straight Edge a posté Onyx & Dope D.O.D.- Shotguns In Hell
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    Jeu 05 Jan 2017

    Legendary group Onyx, and the Netherlands own Dope D.O.D.are teaming up for a full collabo album!

    The new album will be called Shotguns In Hell, and while there’s no release date, it’s definitely dropping sometime in 2017!

    Ces Cru Straight Edge a posté Ces Cru- Catastrophic Event Specialists (Cover)
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    Mer 28 Dec 2016

    Catastrophic Event Specialists features Tech N9ne, Rittz, Murs, Krizz Kaliko, Mackenzie Nicole, JL and more.

    Tech N9ne Straight Edge a posté Tech N9ne- Collabos Strangenetics
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    Lun 26 Dec 2016

    Will be entitled Strangenetics. He decided to change the name for this album because each of the artists brought together their music and talents to the album, creating the “genetics of Strange Music”. These albums combine the efforts of every artist on the label to create a full-length project.


    Straight Edge a commenté sur Le topic qui peut te sortir de la galère
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    Ven 09 Dec 2016

     M.M.M.F.D. - Unsubs

    Tech N9ne Straight Edge a commenté sur Tech N9ne - The Storm (09/09/2016)
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    Jeu 08 Dec 2016

    MP3 320 Kbps

    Lil Wyte Straight Edge a posté Lil Wyte & JellyRoll- No Filter 2 (Cover + Tracklist)
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    Jeu 17 Nov 2016

    Producer :  T-Stoner, Doobie, Phil Bogard, Sonny Paradise

    1. Demons
    2. Problem With It" (featuring DJ Paul)
    3. My Smoking Song" (featuring B-Real)
    4. Zombie" (featuring Madchild, Insane Clown Posse)
    5. Bad Bxtch" (featuring Doobie)
    6. Wassup
    7. All Day Long" (featuring Jackie Chain)
    8. Intermission

    Straight Edge a commenté sur Brainsick Muzik
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    Jeu 17 Nov 2016

    01. In the Dark
    02. Alone feat. Twisted Insane
    03. Bsn
    04. The Change Up
    05. How It Happened
    06. Society
    07. Be Fine
    08. Overdose
    09. Autophobia
    10. Visiting Hour feat. JB
    11. Og
    12. Lowrider feat. Bleezo & Trizz
    13. Like That
    14. Fwm
    15. Message from Nate
    16. Don't Let Go
    17. Khadijah's Interlude feat. Khadijah...

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